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March 27, 2003

Assad: Syria fears becoming next coalition target

Courtesy of Ha'aretz

Syrian President Bashar Assad was quoted in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir Thursday as hinting that Syria expects to be the next target of coalition forces
As long as the state of Israel exists, Assad was quoted as saying, Syria remains threatened. He also said there's no chance that U.S. President George W. Bush's road map would put an end to the Palestinian intifada.

In addition, Assad criticized Arab countries that are trying to stop the violence between Israel and the Palestinians, saying, "There are Arab nations that contribute to the suppression of the intifada even more than Israel itself does."

Assad said a long-promised "roadmap" for an Israeli-Palestinian peace would fail.

"It is like the Mitchell and Tenet plans. All of them are
plans destined for failure because they do not meet the
aspirations and restore the rights of the Palestinian people," Assad said, referring to earlier proposals to end the conflict proposed by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell and CIA Director George Tenet. [more]