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March 03, 2003

Arafat faces genocide suit

This news item in BBC got me to asking about the Belgium courts that want to try Sharon as a war crimminal. Why are not busy pursuing this case?

The seven - all relatives of Jewish victims killed during the current Palestinian uprising, or intifada - said Mr Arafat was responsible for the crimes.

"[Yasser] Arafat had the power and the means to stop acts of terrorism, murders and violence... [but] he organised and paid for them with the money of the Palestinian Authority," the seven families - all French Jews living in Israel - said in a statement.

The statement said Mr Arafat did not have immunity of a head of state under French laws as there was no internationally recognised Palestinian state.

A specially appointed judge must now determine whether the lawsuit can be accepted and pursued legally.

'Concerted plan'

The statement said the suit included dozens of pages describing circumstances surrounding various "criminal acts, suicide bombings... and car bombs which caused death or injury to the victims of the crimes".

It said video tapes of speeches at Gaza mosques "inciting directly and publicly to kill Jews" and some of Mr Arafat's speeches were also included. [more]