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March 12, 2003

Arafat diverts power-sharing bill

Is it age that makes Arafat so patently and publicly a total fraud?[...]According to the bill, Arafat would retain authority over security forces and peace negotiations.

Rudeineh said that now that the Palestinians have fulfilled U.S. and European demands to appoint a prime minister, international mediators must "press the Israeli government to stop aggression and withdraw from Palestinian areas to give hope again to the region."

Secretary of State Colin Powell called Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom on Tuesday, according to a statement from Shalom's office. It said Shalom told Powell of the importance of giving Abbas "responsibilities over the areas of security and foreign affairs, because if Arafat continues to concentrate authority over those areas in his hands, there will be no progress in relations between us and the Palestinians."

Israel wants Arafat sidelined

Israel, joined by the United States, has demanded that Arafat be sidelined, charging that he has not done enough to stop Palestinian attacks against Israelis. Palestinians counter that Israeli military operations are responsible for the violence, now in its 30th month. [more]