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March 09, 2003


We are lucky and thankful to gabrielle goldwaterfor pointing out this site. Here is a nice piece from Dafka by the Arab writer Nonie Darwish, who has this to say about Israel

After 9/11 I was horrified, angry and disappointed at the Middle East culture where I grew up. The country that has given me shelter, protection and hope is under a monstrous attack from the Middle East. No one is taking responsibility for this insanity, but people were celebrating in the Arab street! The U.S. and the West are finally realizing what we are truly up against. Our civilization and liberty are under attack by Arab dictatorships who in my opinion use some lost souls for terrorist acts to accomplish their mission then say they didn’t do it and ask the US to prove who did it! then accuse Israel for plotting the 9/11 attack.

Rich Arab dictatorships could use oil money for the betterment of the lives of their citizens as well as the lives of the Palestinians they support, but instead they pursue war and Jihad. They believe no true peace is possible between “Islamic” and “non-Islamic” counties and that is the bottom line. The Western civilization and Israel are facing a tremendous danger greater than Bin Laden, Afghanistan or even Saddam Hussein.

Liberty once lost is very hard to get back. Moslem countries lost their liberty a long time ago, and have no memory of how to live in and bring about liberty. Now, they are trying to take away ours, and it is up to us to stop them.

After 9-11 I needed to know first-hand what Arabs thought of the situation, so I called several Arabs to get a feel of public opinion on what happened. A top journalist in a prominent Arab news paper denied that this was done by Arabs and said that the Arab public feels “Let the Americans get a taste of what the Palestinians go through on a daily basis”. He also dismissed the idea that this was orchestrated by El Qaeda saying that these people were incapable of such a sophisticated operation. The Middle East Media cannot claim to be unaware of the terrorism networks operating openly from several Moslem countries and reaching the globe. Without exception everyone I called denied this was done by Moslems or Arabs and said this is a Jewish conspiracy. I was yelled at and told “how dare I criticize 9/11 and blame Arabs!” Never mind the fact that the 19 men who committed this atrocity were Arabs from so called “Moderate” Arab states. Some said that the US will never win the war in Afghanistan and believed that this was a war against Islam. The Arabs I talked to are some of the nicest people, but the propaganda war against Israel and the West has blinded most of them to the truth. Newspapers are telling the people that the US food drops are poisoned and that the US asked permission from Pakistan to use Chemical and Biological weapons against Afghanistan!

I wish I did not have to be critical of my own national origin, but how can I pledge allegiance to the US flag and not do so. How can any US citizen of Arab origin defend 9/11. We owe this country some gratitude and it makes me sick to see one Arab after another on T.V. trying to explain 9/11 away. I am angry and ashamed of a Middle East culture that is out of control. My integrity cannot allow me to accept anything but the truth, what is moral and right, and the truth is that I see Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the ONLY one truly committed to peace.[more]