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March 20, 2003

Always the Bridesmaid

An exception to Dennis Ross's generalization that Arabs don't want to be "on the wrong side of the U.S" is the PA.
"We Palestinians are against the war and we totally condemn this war in the Middle East. A solution must be found to this problem through diplomatic means, with the international community," local authorities minister Saeb Erakat said Thursday.
And it gets better. The article says that Hamas and Islamic Jihad support the PA's position. Not even a week after President Bush reiterates his dream of a Palestinian state, the PA shows whose side its on.

Why do Hamas and Islamic Jihad support Saddam?
The two opposition groups joined Erakat in slamming the US attack on Iraq's President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites), who has disbursed millions of dollars to the families of suicide bommbers and Palestinian civilians shot dead by the Israeli army.
So if the PA wants peace shouldn't they be condemning the fellow who encourages suicide bombers?
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