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March 05, 2003


There was a suicide bombing on a bus in Haifa. So far 15 dead, 37 injured, 10 seriously. All that is left of the bus is its front part, including some of the front row seats.
Police says that there were no specific warning about this particular attack. But I doubt that there is anyone in Israel who is surprised by this. This is the first terrorist attack after two months of numerous thwarted attempts. The previous one was a month and a half before that. IDF radio cites a "senior security official" as saying that the low frequency of the attacks suggests that Israel's current approach is effective, and thus we should not expect neither any major operation on the scale of "Defensive Wall", nor the expulsion of Arafat.
They interviewed the bus driver who happens to be an Arab, and who spoke from the hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. He said that most of the passengers wer elderly. There were no security guards on the bus, which he said was unusual.
Haifa is my hometown, BTW. (IDF radio)

Update: It turns out many of the victims were highschool kids.