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February 27, 2003

Why "Liberals" are Against Liberatng iraq

'Liberals' who don't want to liberate the oppressed iraqi people from the butcher of Baghdad say that it would cause terrorism.

They clearly have no idea of what terrorism is (What is Terrorism? ).

Many people think terrorism will being or be provoked by disarming Iraq. Let me explain to them why the exact opposite is true. First, we have to understand the purpose and goal of terrorists. Terrorists want to kill innocents in order provoke a reaction so as to gain support to kill more of your group. The only way to stop them if to kill them before they kill you. We all know who they are they let you know they want you to know.

Terrorist want us to attack Iraq so if we don't you can guarantee they will attack us.

You see terrorists want to kill us and given the opportunity they will, So if we don't stop them first they will kill us.

They want us to attack them so if we don't they will provoke us by killing us.

The only way you can save yourself and not be a 'soft-target' victim is to end the threat before it can be carried out.

That is one of their condescending ploys.

"Liberals" are not caring or compassionate to those less fortunate. That mantle has now been taken properly by the Conservatives who want to conserve life, while the "Liberals" want to devalue human life.

The other even worse one is as they compassionately say "do you really think iraq can have democracy?"

This callous, derogatory, and old-time insinuation from "liberals" that the arabs in Iraq are incapable of having democracy is the oldest card in the "liberals" condescending tone of "we know what is best for you natives be our scenery you don't want the wealth we have besides you aren't smart enough to know what to do with it once you get it."

The other weak and meaningless argument is the economy and cost of war.

Is it better to have no job and be broke or be dead?

They also like to say "its more complex than that not everything is black and white" of course not providing any options just to point out why your solution is wrong because its more complex than your solution warrants so lets just let it lie.

"Liberals" want to status-quo no resolution that's why they like to keep minorities down, they don't want progress or change, they are not caring or compassionate to the less fortunate. It is quite easy to compare the "Liberals" of today to the KKK or Neo-Nazis belief by belief.

They were against AMWR for their own selfish purposes not for the Alaskan people who want the same quality of life as them. They want the people there to be scenery for their pleasure.

They want humans to become prey to animals, to them that would be "fair."

"Liberals"in my estimation are those who used to locked away in sanitariums for there own protection but nowadays are allowed to violate the Ricoh statutes because we are to whipped by their PC agenda to offend them. This is known as "tolerating intolerance."