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February 10, 2003

What's going on? (Ted Belman)

Terror today, gone tomorrow? I think not.

According to Ha'aretz, PA readying to retake control over some cities in the West Bank
Much like his Israeli counterparts, al-Hassan said apologetically that "2003 is a decisive year for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." The war in Iraq will be followed by far-reaching changes in the Middle East, and "the Palestinians want to be on the map as well. It is now time to harvest the political fruits, and we cannot afford to make any mistakes at this time."
Both Sharon and Arafat are supporting talks aimed at producing a cease fire. There are reports that PA forces are preventing the firing of rockets from Gaza. Sounds good but will this attempt succeed where all others have failed.

The Cairo talks aimed at achieving a cease fire among terrorist factions, couldn't even agree to end such attacks west of the green line. Hamas appear to be challenging Arafat and the PA for ascendency. And the terror attempts go on daily. Further a PA report on Hamas any agreement to curtail terror is only a tactical one and only for a short period.

In trying to understand what the chances are for the PA to actually meet Bush's preconditions for a provisional state I went back to a Debkafile Report on Nov 27 and found some startling activity and reasoning. In an article entitled Mubarak Seeks Coexistence with Islamic Terrorists because
the head of Egypt’s intelligence services [in a report], warned him that north Sinai’s creeping takeover by the radical Palestinian Muslims of the Gaza Strip posed an immediate threat to regime stability in Cairo.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s counter-terrorism sources, after accessing portions of that report, reveal the decision by Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat, whose control over Gaza and the West Bank is in a state of collapse, to hand the lead position in the confrontation with Israel over to his supposed rival - the fundamentalist Muslim terror group, Hamas.

The report he received from el-Baz and Suleiman pointed to the danger of the Gaza Strip, for the first time since 1948, breaking free of Egyptian influence and degenerating quickly into a fundamentalist Islamic enclave and a no-go zone for Egyptian security forces. This pocket would have a high potential for terrorist violence that could well spill over into Egypt’s mainly Palestinian-inhabited northern Sinai desert. Therefore, the Egyptians approached Hamas’s real power brokers in Damascus, Mashal and Marzook, with a deal not to derail the talks.

The overt part of the accord would cover a limited cessation of terror attacks against Israel. Its main content would permit the formation of a shared pro-Egyptian governing body in the Gaza Strip

This trend is encouraged by certain European power groups, who figure that caging the radical terrorist forces in the Gaza Strip will canalize their violent energies at a safe distance from Europe’s Muslim minorities, instead of stirring them up. It is a fact, as discovered by DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s sources, that a large chunk of the roughly $1.5 million spent by Quaradawi for his Gaza Strip operation comes not only from various Saudi charities but also from such countries as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and France.

Hamas will step into Arafat’s shoes as the Palestinian partner in the secret military alliances he signed with Iran and the Hizballah in mid-2000. Those deals assured Arafat, in advance of the Intifada he launched in September 2000, of an ample supply of weapons, money, explosives and terrorist experts to fight the Israelis from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian leader, sensing that his days are numbered, wants to make sure that his life’s work, his particular brand of terrorist war against Israel and its main future, the suicide weapon of terror, are passing into safe hands, while yet keeping his hand in from his isolated headquarters in Ramallah.
After the Hamas takes over in the Gaza Strip and joins forces with the Hizballah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, a contiguous Mediterranean Sea route will open up to link the two terrorist enclaves – from the Gaza Strip to the areas of southern and central Lebanon controlled by the Shiite fundamentalist Hizballah. Mubarak, who knows he cannot tame the rampant movement, is determined to turn its fury aside and co-exist with it.
No where in any of this report is any reference to achieving peace. Its all about continuing the struggle until victory. Let there be no illusions