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February 04, 2003

What a condemnation

Hurray for them. The tide is turning.

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI) is a student movement in Iran who are fighting for a separation of Mosque and State and for an Iran first policy. Here is their latest statement

European Union Must Put a Stop to Duplicity!

While the tyrannical religious government in Iran, in line with its merciless violations of human rights and suppression of any freethinking voices within its own society, continues to pursue fundamentalist anti-national turmoil and continues to support terrorism on the diplomatic scene in the region; while the dark-thinking religious zealots of Hezbollah continue to plunder the national wealth and destroy all the proverbial columns of civilization in Iran, the EU countries, in pursuit of their short term economic self-interest, continue to persist in their duplicitous support of the Islamic Republic.

This anti-Iranian policy is actually a political shield for defending inequitable economic contracts on the one hand, and a tool for European strategy to counter the Atlantic Pact within the framework of the new world order on the other hand. Such a policy will not only encourage the Islamic Republic rulers to shamelessly continue their fascist policies in the short term, but will also make the EU a partner-- more so than before-- in the crimes of this inhumane and undemocratic regime, both domestically and internationally, in the long term.

The recent abstinence of Europe in condemning the Islamic Republic on its violations of Human Rights, in which the scheming of Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, and Spain played the major role, and the frequent visitations by parties to the "transaction," in effect, is actually the continuation of the policy that had turned Europe-- with its claims to democracy and Human Rights-- into the butcher-house of Hezbollah's government-sanctioned terrorism, whereby, many of the best Iranian offspring, during various terrorist plots, became the victims of the religious lunacy of the murderers from the staff of the Islamic Republic's embassies.

This anti-democratic current in European diplomacy is the continuance of the same policy that allowed the intelligence authorities of countries such as Germany to overlook the preparations of the Islamic Republic's embassy-stationed terrorists and other terrorist organizations, thus, they have turned Europe into the logistic demilitarized zone of international terrorism: something the world can hardly tolerate after September 11! And, this is while under cover of the proverbial shadow of such a dangerous duplicitous policy the rulers of the Islamic Republic have opened the way for the Europeans to plunder the national and human resources of Iran within the framework of inequitable economic agreements.

Freedom-loving Europeans:

That group of European policy-makers who for a long time have been busy profiting from poverty, suffering, torture, and death must know that the great Iranian nation, in a not-so-distant future, will uproot the vile presence of the fascist Hezbollah; and, following it, all of the inequitable contracts, which are in fact the price of European silence towards the crimes of the Islamic Republic, will be reanalyzed. It is clear that the future relations of a free Iran with each European country will be shaped by what their current basic position is towards the Islamic Republic!

Therefore, you would be wise to warn your politicians to quickly wake up from the proverbial sleep of ignorance, just as they did in regards to South Africa and Zimbabwe; and, just like the United States of America and its leader, President George W. Bush did, to completely and fundamentally reconsider their policies in regards to the Iranian nation and their rightful aspirations and discontinue the reinforcing of the illegitimate failing regime of the Islamic Republic.

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran," while condemning the opportunistic policy of the European Union pertaining to the Islamic Republic-- especially the shameful act of its members in abstaining from condemning the Islamic Republic's top officials-- seeks support from the public opinion of the nations across that continent to make a decisive stance against the continuous violation of human rights in Iran.

This committee urges, again, the Human Rights Committee of the European Union to condemn the Islamic Republic for violating Human Rights in Iran by submitting the draft of a declaration to the United Nations and by pursuing it, and by barring all EU member governments from having any kind of political or economic relations with a member of the terrorist "Axis of Evil" and assassinator of freedom-lovers.