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February 23, 2003

[Welsh] Grandmother hurt in Israeli violence

That headline, alas, is what the BBC gives as its story. A nice lady who has come from Great Brittain to help pregnant women. But that is not the real background, for which see Anne Gwynne writer for Ramallah Online, where clearly she is let loose on Israelis, mistaking facts for fictions, and fully lending support to the Palestinian cause
Under a continuous, year-long, brutal, illegal military occupation, the suffering of the people of Nablus goes on day after day in ever-escalating terror inflicted upon them by what the people here can now only describe as the crazy and totally evil Jewish-Israeli soldiers. Today demonstrated that, in the most terrible fashion. The desperately injured and the dead in the Hospitals of Nablus are witnesses-without-a-voice to the murderous assault upon an innocent civilian population on a sunny, shopping-eating-laughing Sunday afternoon.

At 1.30 pm, a massive force of occupying soldiers swept into the City Centre, in huge tanks and armoured personnel carriers bristling with weapons of very large calibre. I wonder how readers out there visualize these friendly-sounding vehicles, the APC’s, which are actually like a smaller version of the tanks, lacking only the 800 mm cannon. They are bringers of death just like the tanks, but can move faster and go down narrower streets. There were many Hummer “Officer Class” jeeps, many jeeps laden with soldiers, and still more navy-blue jeeps with the psychotic Druze police in them. Just like a Western film, they came in firing from the hip, completely indiscriminately. All this armoury was to arrest one man – Mr. Tayseer Khaled, a prominent public figure and a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. He was arrested with 3 members of his staff.
Are we to believe anything this lady says? I found through Google at a few Palestine sites and pro-Palestine sites she has written for. [more]