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February 26, 2003

We may not have a smoking gun, but we have a smoking defector

Extra, extra, read all about it

WorldNetDaily reports under the title Defector talks of Iraqi 'final experiment'

The debriefing of Iraqi defector Hussein Kamal, the text of which was obtained by WorldNetDaily, provides compelling insight into Iraq's nuclear weapons program, as well as the nation's plans for enhancing the development of biological and chemical weapons.

[...]The documents describe Iraq as still possessing and hiding blueprints, microfiches and computer disks with plans for missile and nuclear weapons programs. While Kamal states that most all of Iraq's WMD had been destroyed at that time, there are questions from U.N. staffers as to the lack of evidence of such destruction, and Kamal admits that blueprints were kept as a first step to "return to production." Kamal is questioned on Iraq's keeping of some elements of its missile program and chemical weapons program. He also is questioned on a mysterious reference to a nuclear "final experiment," found by U.N. officials in Iraqi documents. MORE
It won't be long now.