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February 08, 2003

U.S. Urges American Citizens to Leave Israel

This report via Goldwater.miedeastreality of course points to the reality of the imminince of war against Iraq.
Jerusalem-----February 8.......

The United States State Department has advised nonessential U.S. diplomats and family members on Friday night to leave Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Private U.S. citizens also were advised to leave those countries and Americans were cautioned not to travel to Israel.

At the same time, the department urged Americans to stay away from Iraq and said it was closing the Polish office in Baghdad that provided consular service to Americans in the absence of U.S. relations with Iraq.

U.S. citizens in Iraq were urged to leave.

"The Iraq regime's continuing refusal to cooperate fully with U.N. weapons inspectors has led to mounting tension between Iraq and the international community," the department said.

The statement added foreigners in Iraq had been used in the past as "human shields," and there are credible reports they may be kidnapped.

Officials said the decision was made on the advice of American diplomats in the embassies and not because of a specific threat to U.S. personnel.

The U.S. embassies in Tel Aviv, Amman, Damascus and Beirut and the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem will remain open to assist Americans, the spokesman said.

The diplomats and family members would return home at government expense, leaving only essential personnel at the embassies in Tel Aviv, Amman, Damascus and Beirut and the consulate in Jerusalem.

"Private American citizens in Israel, the West Bank or Gaza should evaluate rigorously their own security situations and should consider departing," the department said.

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