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February 19, 2003

Two Birds with One Stone

Is President Bush a genius!?

By taking the long and patient road President Bush has set into cycle a grand win-win strategy for everyone.

Whatever the outcome within one-two weeks we will all see;

1. Iraq disarmed and moving towards a democratic change in the region,

2. The relevancy of the U.N.

The balance of the future of the UN is what is being gained by Conservatives.

Conservatives have long argued, specifically since the UN debackle over Kosovo, that the UN is irrelevant and a forloned international organization that the USA should extricate itself from.

With this brilliant move by President Bush not only will we be able to extricate ourselves but also go down on the record as the one who gave it a last shot at being purposefull.

This does a couple of things, importantly though, it will lay our place in history properly.