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February 27, 2003

Time to stop the Belgian nonsense

It is high time Belgium was stopped in relation to pursuing Ariel Sharon for defending Israel Boycotts seem a very adequate way of protesting and below is my letter to the Belgian Ambassador in Australia. I propose a letter writing campaign, and I suggest that my letter or something similar be sent to all on your lists for action.
His Excellency
Mr Luk Darras
Ambassador, Embassy of Belgium

Dear Mr Ambassador,

"Belgium declares: "We must prosecute!" This belligerent statement is from a country with a well-known history of war crimes in the Belgian Congo and elsewhere."

I write to protest in the strongest possible terms your country's sheer arrogance to even think of prosecuting Ariel Sharon, Prime minister of Israel. The man was indeed the military governor of Lebanon and Christian militia forces did commit an arguably genocidal attack against Moslems, but only after extreme provocation and multiple attacks on their own community. Prosecute your own war criminals first!!!!!

So, Sharon did not stop them. So that is the "crime" for which he is to be prosecuted? Israeli forces were only in Lebanon because the self same Moslem forces were doing exactly the same thing to the Jewish State and trying to annihilate it as they continue to do now and what they have been trying to do since 1920 and before. He is a hero in the truest sense of the word, stoutly defending the integrity of his country which has the legitimacy to exist as a sovereign nation granted to it by the United Nations. In any event, why should Israeli boys be killed to "save" avowed murderers from Christian forces? This happened in Jenin, when Israeli forces should have
bombed the Arabs, but, in order to limit Arab casualties, 23 of their own precious boys were killed by the barbarian Arabs while the world and your country condemned her.

Where is Europe and Belgium in particular when these self same murdering Moslem Arabs kill the civilian population of Israel? As members of the UN you should all be over there, defending Israel against the forces of darkness which are gathering now in Europe with your rapidly increasing Moslem population, who are already causing trouble in France and Germany, and will take over the rest of Europe soon unless you all watch out!

If you want to pursue international criminals, then perhaps a more appropriate target is Yasser Arafat, a known and committed terrorist and mass murderer. He is also a common thief who has stolen literally billions of aid Euro's for his own use. How does a man who has never done an honest days work in his life manage to keep a wife in luxury in Paris, and have bank accounts in the hundreds of millions of dollars in his name? The mans crimes continue unabated to this day!!!

It is YOUR money he is stealing!!

Anti Semitism from Europe is sickening, and your country would be well advised to drop this matter immediately and VERY publicly. Unless and until it does so, I will be boycotting all Belgian goods, and will urge everyone I know to do the same.