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February 24, 2003

Terrorist Profs

Daniel Pipes on the Tampa roundup of alleged teacher -terrorists.
"It was quiet in [Cooper Hall] 464 Thursday night," noted the student newspaper, "where [Sameeh] Hammoudeh's 6 p.m. Arabic IV class was scheduled to meet. Two students who hadn't heard of his arrest came to class, and a substitute was assigned to teach in Hammoudeh's place."

Hammoudeh missed teaching his Arabic class last week due to a slight inconvenience: He had just been charged with racketeering and conspiracy to murder.

In fact, he was one of eight men indicted at a U.S. District Court in Florida as "material supporters of a foreign terrorist organization," that organization being Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

It is striking that three of those eight are academic specialists on Middle Eastern and Islamic subjects. Their arrests reveal to what extent Middle East studies is a field that serves as an extension of the region's radicalism. (Other defendants teach computer engineering, manage a medical clinic, own a small business and serve as imam in a mosque.)

The three instructors on Middle East topics all have establishment credentials: click here for names and more.