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February 19, 2003

Support necessary for Israel; transcends faith, nationality

Pro-Israel ad in Stanford Daily college newspaper draws many signatures and a nice editorial on the subject.
Tuesday’s Stanford Daily featured a full-page advertisement containing the names of more than 1,500 Stanford students. These students willingly signed a petition supporting Israel’s right to a peaceful and secure future and condemning worldwide terrorism.
Many students, when signing the petition, asked “I agree with this, but why are you bothering to do this right now?” Anyone who follows the events in the Middle East knows that this is a very chaotic time for the whole region. Whatever happens, it is imperative that we, as Americans or as students in America, stand up for the values we believe in: freedom, democracy and peace.

The people of the Middle East deserve a fair voice in their government. They deserve civil rights for people of different religions and ethnicities. They deserve a fair chance to improve their lives.

There is one country in the entire region that stands for these democratic principles: Israel. And today, many Stanford students join students from dozens of universities across the country in declaring, loud and clear, “We stand for Israel, and we stand for peace!” Never will we allow the Middle East’s only democratic state to fall at the hands of those who wish little more than its total destruction. [more]