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February 06, 2003

Some news from IBA radio:

Rashid abu Shark, who is the head of the Palestinian preventative security forces, says that PA will put more forces into preventing the shooting of missiles from its territory into Israel. He says such shootings are damaging to the Palestinians' interests.

Abu Allah, who is the chair of the PA parliament, says that PA has to come up with a political initiative aimed at resolving the Conflict, without waiting for the war in Iraq. He also calls for deeds, rather than words, from the PA leadership, when it comes to preventing Palestinian violence, and for reforms, and for admitting mistakes, etc.

Two Sharon's advisors are on their way to Jordan. They were invited by Jordan's foreign minister, but the visit is said to have been postponed until after the elections in Israel.

Israel's FM Netanyahu and his Egyptian counterpart had a phone conversation. This report was very short, and then I did not hear all of it:-)

Now, is it just me, or are our cousins getting nervous?