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February 16, 2003

The sheep marched for "PEACE" this weekend. 4 legs good, 2 legs bad. baaaaaaaaaa.

The PRICE of their "PEACE"

Free Voices of Iraq
is a series of Perspectives by Iraqi political activists, essays in which they speak out about Saddam Hussein’s persecution of the Iraqi
people and the prospects for bringing democracy and freedom to a post-Saddam Iraq.

"Saddam Hussein himself is a weapon of mass destruction. Disarmament is not enough… His ongoing wars against the Iraqi people must be stopped.”

Safia Taleb Al Souhail, Advocacy Director for the Middle East and Islamic World at the International Alliance for Justice,, a human rights advocacy group. She shares the stories of six Iraqi women who met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair last December to brief him on the Ba’ath regime’s persecution of their

"Removing Saddam Hussein would liberate the Iraqi people’s energy and talents so that they may be directed towards good, not evil.”

Rend Rahim Franke, the Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation, ( a non-profit organization working for democracy in Iraq. She discusses the prospects for democracy in Iraq and argues that a free Iraq would act as a catalyst for democracy in the Middle East.

"All of the Iraqi opposition is united around two common goals: The removal of Saddam Hussein, and the creation of democracy in Iraq. We welcome the United States’ leadership in helping us to achieve these goals.”
Entifadh K. Qanbar, the Director of the Washington, D.C. office of the Iraqi National Congress,, a coalition of Iraqi opposition groups. He calls on United States to commit itself to supporting a democratic Iraq post-Saddam, and forge a new kind of relationship with an Arab state whose political legitimacy will be based on the consent of its people, not the power of its rulers.

"When the President of the United States drives through Baghdad in his limousine, the streets will be filled with thousands of Iraqis waving American and Iraqi flags."
Dr. Barham Salih, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, He explains that a military intervention to remove Saddam Hussein would not be a war on Iraq, but a liberation of Iraq, and points to the success of Kurdish self-rule in the no-fly zones as a model for Iraq’s democratic future.


"I write this to protest against all those people who oppose the war against Saddam Hussein, or as they call it, the "war against Iraq". I am an Iraqi doctor, I worked in the Iraqi army for six years during Iraq-Iran war and four months during Gulf war. All my family still live in Iraq. I am an Arab Sunni, not Kurdish or Shia. I am an ordinary Iraqi not involved with the Iraqi opposition outside Iraq.

I am so frustrated by the appalling views of most of the British people, media and politicians. I want to say to all these people who are against the possible war, that if you think by doing so you are serving the interests of Iraqi people or saving them, you are not. You are effectively saving Saddam. You are depriving the Iraqi people of probably their last real chance get rid of him and to get out of this dark era in their history. . . .

Where were you while Saddam has been killing thousands of Iraqis since the early 70s? And where are you are now, given that every week he executes people through the "court of revolution", a summary secret court run by the secret security office. Most of its sentences are executions which Saddam himself signs.

I could argue one by one against your reasons for opposing this war. But just ask yourselves why, out of about 500,000 Iraqis in Britain, you will not find even 1,000 of them participating tomorrow? Your anti-war campaign has become mass hysteria and you are no longer able to see things properly."

(link to this Guardian article via Instapundit.)

Things aren't always what they seem:

France and Germany. Follow the money.

My 20 years of work in Iraq's nuclear-weapons program and military industry were partly a training course in methods of deception and camouflage to keep the program secret. Given what I know about Saddam Hussein's commitment to developing and using weapons of mass destruction, the following two points are abundantly clear to me: First, the U.N. weapons inspectors will not find anything Saddam does not want them to find. Second, France, Germany, and to a degree, Russia, are opposed to U.S. military action in Iraq mainly because they maintain lucrative trade deals with Baghdad, many of which are arms-related. Keep reading.

How many of those who say they are unreservedly in support of the Khmer revolution would consent to endure one hundredth part of the present sufferings of the Cambodian people? --François Ponchaud, 1977

How many of those who say they unreservedly opposed to liberating Iraq would consent to endure one hundredth part of the present sufferings of the Iraqi people?