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February 11, 2003

Sharon, Arafat see prospects for peace after an Iraq war

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Israel and Washington have reached a secret agreement on conditions for ousting Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat after the United States topples Saddam Hussein in Iraq, a leading Israeli newspaper reported yesterday. (2) Israel clamped a total closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Monday, banning all Palestinians from entering Israel, citing warnings of Palestinian attacks. (7) Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz canceled measures aimed at easing restrictions during the urces, Army Radio said there were reports that militants intend to carry out terror attacks in the coming days. (7) Since the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians broke out more than two years ago, the agency has relied on an emergency fund to supply growing needs for food, shelter and jobs in the occupied territories. (8) For two months, the agency has been appealing for donations totaling $94 million to replenish the emergency fund. (8) The meeting with Yasser Arafat was over, and his suit-and-tie-clad Cabinet ministers filed out of the office and made their way down a dimly lighted stairway, dodged the water dripping from the roof and passed empty windows stuffed with sandbags. (3) The spiritual leader of the Palestinian group Hamas instructed Muslims worldwide today to retaliate against "Western interests" if the United States made war on Iraq. (9) for links to articles, click here