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February 03, 2003


Allah now very pleased. Extract of this piece at goldwater.mideastreality
WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia is said to have sentenced a Yemeni national to death for insulting the religion of his roommate.

A Saudi court in Jedda sentenced the Yemeni national to death on Jan. 7. They said the Yemeni, identified as Hail Al Masri was originally sentenced to two years imprisonment and 600 lashes. But a higher court headed by Ali Al Zahrani rejected the sentence and ruled that Al Masri should be beheaded.

Saudi newspapers said Al Masri tried to jump from the third floor where the courtroom was located after the death sentence was read. Al Masri was seriously injured in the fall and taken to a local hospital.

The Washington-based Saudi Institute said Saudi Arabia has not formally announced the death sentence. The opposition group said a Saudi reporter who covered the court proceedings refused to speak with the institute in fear of
government reprisal
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