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February 02, 2003

"The Resistance Is Legitimate"

From MEMRI comes this little nuggest that defends the use by Fatah of violence. Fatah, we are told, is no different than Hamas, and in a short passing reference we are told that it is not the occupation alone that is the problem but that "This problem was created by the United Nations when it decided on the partition resolution. The superpowers and the entire world are also party [to this]."
Question: "Do you support resistance within the 1948 areas as well [as in the occupied territories]?"
Al-Qaddoumi: "It is the Palestinian people's right to resist in all territories of the Palestinian land as long as Israel does not completely cease [its actions], and as long as it has no mercy on children, the elderly, trees, roads, institutions, and security personnel who have entered [the territories]... The resistance is legitimate; we are struggling for our national rights. It is Israel that bears the responsibility."

"... Even if there is a single shot in a month, it is good for us, because we want the emotional and social pressure in Israel to continue, so that a message will be sent to the international community that there is an alternative to third-party intervention so that we can begin to arrive at a just arrangement."

Question: "What is your opinion on martyrdom operations?"
Al-Qaddoumi: "We are fighting as a popular movement. We cannot stop every operation. We are not an army and we cannot prevent the martyrdom operations..."

Question: "Must a solution [to the Palestinian problem] come from America?"
Al-Qaddoumi: "No, not only [from America]. This problem was created by the United Nations when it decided on the partition resolution. The superpowers and the entire world are also party [to this]."

Question: "But America has a plan called the 'road map.' Have you received it and do you agree to it?"
Al-Qaddoumi: "We have many objections regarding it. It demands that the Palestinians first of all stop what they [i.e. the authors of the 'road map'] call violence and terrorism, and this means our surrender. It also proposes a temporary state, and this is strange and new; they want us to draft a constitution for a state that does not exist, while they know that Israel has no constitution; they want us to establish a committee that will oversee the elections when we do not control the territory; they want to establish a security apparatus trained by the Americans, when they know that they [the Israelis] have bombed all the security apparatuses and arrested hundreds of security personnel; they want us to make new laws regarding the elections so that Jerusalem will not be included [as a voting district]. How can elections be held under such conditions?"

Question: "This is not an American plan, but a Sharon plan."
Al-Qaddoumi: "Exactly. This is a Sharon plan, with an American rubber stamp and American wording. We cannot agree to it. Furthermore, the Americans and British are not serious about their road map proposal. They are now focusing on seeking other pretexts to bomb Iraq..."

Question: "If war with Iraq comes, what do you expect to happen?"
Al-Qaddoumi: "I think that the region will be ignited [as a result of operations] against American interests and that many Arab regimes will fall..." [more]