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February 12, 2003

The Radical Muslim Cleric Importation Plan

I had known nothing of the "R Visa" plan, created by Cngress. But from this piece that appears in Somewhre on A1A blog, it is a special program that provides easy access to the U.S. for terrorists
The R visa program, created by Congress in 1990, gives visas to thousands of foreigners to fill alleged domestic shortages among ministries, nunneries, and other religious professionals. In 1998, some 11,000 foreigners received such visas. According to a 1999 General Accounting Office report, federal investigators have discovered R visa fraud rings involving churches and other religious institutions based in Colombia, Fiji, and Russia.

The mastermind of the 1993 WorldTradeCenter bombing, Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, had an R visa. So did four Palestinian men who worked for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and the Islamic Association for Palestine-both Muslim charities that the State Department has linked to the terrorist organization Hamas.

Michelle Malkin reports on at least 2000 individuals with R Visas, who have been admitted to the country fraudulently and with minimal, if any, security. Where are they? No one knows... Is anyone doing anything about it? Is this part of the reason we are in an elevated terror alert status?

It makes me want to scream.