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February 24, 2003

Pot Shots

Jewish Americans are always being accused of dual loyalty but this accusation has never been levelled at Muslim Americans. That’s unfair. How about equal treatment.

The UN is a totally biased and political organization that is not governed by law or morality but by power brokerage. So why is it not discredited in the eyes of all. Because it is good tool to shackle America and Israel.

The US is intent on attacking Iraq with or without UN support. So why bother to look for it’s support. They recognize that UN support will make the war kosher. The issue is not whether the UN will survive. Another resolution simply gives Old Europe one last opportunity to get a piece of the action by supporting the inevitable and it gives the US one last opportunity to make it kosher. i.e. have “international legitimacy”.

It is totally wrong for the US to emphasize that Iraq has violated many UNSC resolutions. This suggests that the resolutions of the SC should be respected. The problem is that the organization should be discredited not respected so the US is working at cross-purposes.

If the US makes these resolutions so sacrosanct, then the world quickly expects the same demands on Israel to adhere to the resolutions. Israel is being hoisted an America’s own petard.

Arafat has to go for the same reason that Hussein has to go. Both the Palestinians and the Iraqis need to be liberated, detoxified and managed. The only linkage is that their leaders should suffer the same fate and their people the same solution.