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February 07, 2003

Politics and Terrorism in Israel

As a computer programmer and a student of history I often draw patterns from previous experiences to form truisms.

In comparing the past two years within Israel a glaring and sad fact comes to the fore.

Comparing the terrorists that murdered hundreds of Israelis with over 15,000 terrorist attacks in the past two years sheds light on an ongoing issue within Israeli politics.
In the past two years there have been two Defense Ministers of Israel. The first was from the Labor (Left) and the second from the Likud (Right). Americans may not understand but in parliamentary systems, similar to Europe such as in Israel, even though a political party such as the right-wing may have a majority of the voters they still may need to appoint high-level cabinet ministers from the opposing political parties and ideologies.

It has been known for a long time that the greatest internal threat to Israelis security is saboteurs, those willing to weaken the security of Israel from within. Even as of late there have been many high-level Israeli politicians and military officials, affiliated with left-wing political movements, that have been accused and or prosecuted of aiding and abetting if not hindering military security from terrorists.

The alignment of the Left-wing in Israel to weaken Israeli security can be seen as purely political and not heinous by some quarters. Yet, there is one undeniable truth when comparing arab terrorism in Israel under the Labor Defense Minister and the Likud Defense minister; the rates of terrorism against Israelis have dropped precipitously.

One can come up with many reasons outside of the political affiliations of the two ministers to excuse the differences. But one thing is again clear, when there was massacre after massacre last year and everyone said "why isn't Israel doing anything?" and this year where the number of successful terrorists attacks have been hindered and the IDF is constantly within Yesha fighting the terrorists on their side the level of Israelis murdered have noticeably dropped since a Likud Defense Minister became in charge.

So what does this all mean?

Israel is in fact able to fight terrorism within its own borders just like its supporters have begged it to do for years. But it seems those affiliated with the Israeli Left do not want it to do so at the high cost of more Israeli lives.

I compare the political Leftist (neo-Fascist) movements throughout the world to "suicidal teenagers."
They hate their freedoms at home more than they hate foreign Despotism and Tyrants.
They have an identity crisis, they don't know who they are, and hate what they represent; self-hating (e.g. Michael Jackson being Black).
They have low self-esteem, a lack of conviction, and confidence. They aren't for anything but are they are most definitely against everything.

In a word they are ungrateful of their birthright and lot in life.

If I was an Israeli - voting for the Left - would be like voting my life away.