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February 04, 2003

Out of the closet !!

This from The Reliable Source
• We wonder if presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, who made much of his Jewish heritage when he was the Democratic vice presidential nominee last time out, feels threatened by rivals who are poaching on his territory. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who yesterday told the Boston Globe about his Czech Jewish grandfather (who changed his name to Kerry from Kohn) and a Jewish grandmother, is only the latest candidate to stake his claim. In recent weeks, Gen. Wesley Clark, the former NATO commander who is considering a run, revealed to the Forward newspaper that he descends "from generations of rabbis" in Minsk, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has touted his Jewish wife and children. But Lieberman campaign press secretary Jano Cabrera told us the Connecticut senator isn't worried: "Oy vey. All this talk about who is Jewish and who isn't is absolutely meshuga. That said, there's only one candidate in this race with a real lox box."