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February 19, 2003

Our neighbor to the North.

A very interesting Lebanese anti-Syrian and anti-terrorist site. The site is a joint effort by The Middle East Forum, and the USCFL. I am not familiar with the latter, but the former has people like Daniel Pipes and Bat Ye'or on its staff, a fact that lends the site at least some credibility.

Lebanon is a very interesting and unusual country, especially against the backdrop of the Middle East. It is probably the most religiously and culturally diverse in the Arab world, and it has managed to stay diverse against all odds. Although its diversity brought it much trouble, it also is, as it was in the past, very conducive to development. It is probably one of the major reasons that made it possible for some of its citizens to support Israel, although at this point in time I seriously doubt they can do so openly in Lebanon. Still, this is one of the Arab countries with the greatest potential for development and democratization. Hopefully, after the domino effect of the war in Iraq finally reaches Syria, this potential will finally get a chance of being realized.