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February 14, 2003

Old Europe

With friends like these, who needs enemies.

Carolyn Glick argues that America and Israel should move on from Europe considering how anti-American and anti-semeitic they are.
Today the Americans see that their firm commitment to destroying threats to international security has caused an earthquake in Europe....The myth of European unity has been rent.

First she acknowledges that some opinion in the US is calling for appeasement with Israel as coinage. an opinion piece in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, (anyone got a link) former National Security Advisors and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Snowcroft urged the Bush administration to put forward a US plan for the swift establishment of a Palestinian state.

In their view, "Arab countries and much of the Muslim world, as well as most European countries, see a direct link between their ability to be more forthcoming in supporting US goals in Iraq and our commitment to working for a fair settlement of the Israel-Palestinian conflict."
But she argues for a different course of action. In forthright language, she calls it like it is.
Rather than condemn the Palestinians as war criminals for conducting massacres against Israeli civilians, the Europeans saved their condemnations and war crimes tribunals for us. Rather than boycott the terrorist Palestinian Authority, the Europeans continue financing Arafat and his henchmen and launched a boycott against Israel.

At the same time, we must not lose sight of the fact that the world does not begin and end in Europe. A reminder of this truth came last week from New Delhi. There, the Washington-based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs held a trilateral conference where former Israeli, American and Indian security and diplomatic elites met to discuss the formation of a strategic alliance between the three democracies. Today, Israel is the second largest supplier of military goods to India behind the US. India's middle class is 100 million people strong and is capable of generating economic demand for Israeli products that could eventually replace European markets.

Far from boycotting Israel for fighting the terrorist war launched against it, India has over the past two and a half years been expanding its military and economic cooperation with Israel. An Indian diplomat told me last year that perhaps even more than the US, Israel is capable of deep economic cooperation with India because Israeli economic strengths are better attuned to the needs of the Third World. "The burgeoning alliance with India provides an answer to European rejection of Israel and the US," says Martin Sherman of the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya who participated in last week's conference.
There are many other countries that can be added to the list including the eighteen countries of Europe and the Former Soviet Republics lying to the south of Russia such as Kazakastan.

The sooner Israel makes the break from being dependant on the EU dominated by France and Germany, they will no longer be pressured to making concessions to the Arabs. America, too must make the same break and align with their friends rather than their "friends".