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February 10, 2003

"O God, destroy your enemies, as well as those of Muslims "Friday Sermons 7 Feb 20

And here is what the peace-loving clerics have had to say in their Friday sermons, as reported by IMRA Read one, you've read them all. But recall that in most instances, this venom is government-approved. This is a sample from Yemen.
(...)Concluding, the imam prays to God: "O God, give your support to Islam and Muslims and relieve our weak brothers in Palestine and Iraq of theirordeal." He goes on: "O God, give support to those supporting Islam and disappoint those disappointing Muslims. O God, promote justice and disappoint infidels and unbelievers. O God, give support to mujahidin in Palestine and Iraq, encourage them, and help them score victory over their enemies. O God, close the ranks of Muslims so that they can stand in the face of the unjust Americans and the Zionist usurpers. O God destroy the enemies of Islam, shake the ground under them, and instill fear into their hearts." [more]