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February 11, 2003

More news from the I3 alliance

A meme that this and other weblogs have often championed is the coming of the I3 alliance as a new force in the geopolitical balance in Central and South Asia. This UPI report, if corroborated, points to a remarkable handshake and wink between the (unofficial) member states of India, Iran and Israel.. this isn't just a cute concept any more. The ground is shifting, and new alliances are forming..!
... New Delhi and Tehran have negotiated a far-reaching defense pact. The public aspects of the warming military relationship between India and Iran are ominous enough. India will send technicians on semi-permanent deployment to Iran to upgrade and overhaul its aging Soviet-era fleet of MiG-29s, its T-72 tanks and BMP-armored infantry vehicles. ( ... ) Iran seems blithely unconcerned at the degree to which India is simultaneously strengthening its military links to the United States and to Israel. Indeed, those Indian technicians upgrading Iran's T-72 tanks will have come fresh from their own Israeli-run training courses, since Israel has the contract to retrofit laser-sighting systems to India's own T-72 and T-90main battle tanks. Maybe Iran hopes that the best way into Uncle Sam's good books is to cozy up to Washington's new friends in New Delhi

I'm hoping to see more bridge building between Iran and Israel, both need each other. Israel needs friends in the middle east (real friends, not diplomatically-constrained alliances with countries like Egypt and Jordan). Iran both wants and needs to join the 21st century. Who better to help them than Israel? Who better to bring these two together than India, whose maturing foreign policy is bringing it closer to both countries in unique ways.

NB: The reason behind the use of the term "I3 alliance" is simple.
Each of the three nations, India, Israel and Iran, are much more than just nations, they are civilizations in the true sense of the word. If they can act together to bring about regional peace from the Middle East to South Asia, their combined influence is likely to be far greater than just a mere sum of their individual capabilities.

(Link via RantBurg)