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February 11, 2003

"More Dead Jews, Please" (?).

Nice observations from Martin Kimel
One nice thing about having some very bright readers of this blog is that I can save time and work by printing their comments. Here's what one reader had to say about the Washington Post article I mentioned this morning:

My first reaction was that the author (or perhaps the headline writer, I don't know how they work things there) wanted to entitle it "More Dead Jews Please". In fact the first half of the piece follows that same willfully ignorant pattern and includes this winner of a paragraph:

"That has been the consistent pattern of the grueling standoff between Palestinians and Israelis: urban guerrillas armed with assault rifles and homemade explosives battling a military partially financed with U.S. money and equipped with some of the most lethal fighting machines in the world. The result is a startling imbalance in casualties."

As if the Palestinians were fighting a military battle. She completely ignores, throughout the piece, the fact that the Palestinians are intentionally intending and in some cases succeeding to harm noncombatants while the Israelis targets are purely military. For instance, an estimated 735 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip. The comparable death toll for Israeli soldiers is 41. Another 23 Israelis, most of them Jewish settlers, have died in war-related violence. As if those settlers (not regular human beings, mind you) were collateral damage from an airstrike rather than kids murdered in a dining hall or men murdered in a shul [synagogue].

If one can make it through the loaded descriptions used in the first half of the piece, the second half is pretty good.

My comments: I could probably quibble with some items in the second half of the Post piece (which I read early this morning), but I think the reader is dead-on. The first half of the piece is designed to paint Israel as an unfairly advantaged Goliath against a weaker, but noble Samson. I suppose I'd also give WaPo the benefit of the doubt and say that their intended headline seemed more like, "More Dead Israelis, Please," leaving the religious angle out of it. Of course, that's still pretty damning.