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February 04, 2003

Mega-Terror Menaces on Three Continents

This is the scenario from the terror groups and Iraq when the US strikes Iraq, according to DEBKA What the Bad guys don't reckon with is that a combined Palestinian offensive aligned with Iraq will perforce put the US foursquare against all the Arab terror groups operating in the ME, and that will have them going against southern Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank etc.
With the approach of American military action against Iraq, the United States and its war allies, including Israel, have gone on top alert to steel themselves against a multi-pronged mega-terror offensive assault.

According to DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s exclusive counter-terror and intelligence sources, six entities have come together to prepare this offensive, operating both together and independently. They are:

1. Iraqi military intelligence, or rather the dread Unit 999, which is an arm of the super-secret Fedayeen Saddam (Saddam’s Martyrs), commanded by the Iraqi ruler’s eldest son, Uday.

2. Al Qaeda’s top men.

3. Iraqi and Al Qaeda sleeper cells planted in the United States, Europe, the Persian Gulf and Israel.

4. Palestinian terrorists operating on West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinian terror groups and militias based in Damascus.

5. Hizballah security and intelligence bodies working in harness with al Qaeda.

6. Hizballah leaders and high officers under instructions from Tehran to open a second anti-American front from Lebanon or elsewhere in the Middle East, in support of Iraq.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly and DEBKAfile’s intelligence and counter-terror sources reveal exclusively that the al Qaeda cells rolled up in the last three weeks in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany - some plotting chemical attacks, some actually caught with the poisonous ricin in their possession – started their journeys to target in two places: Chechnya and Algeria.

Those same sources report too that interrogation of the dozens of terrorist suspects in custody revealed that Iraq and Saudi intelligence agents continue to provide the terror cells with operational intelligence, while Saudi institutions and bodies are al Qaeda’s primary source of funds and manpower.

The “smoking gun’” link between Iraq and al Qaeda is readily available to Secretary of State Colin Powell for use in his presentation before the UN Security Council on Wednesday, February 5. However, Washington is not yet prepared to expose Saudi complicity in the terror conspiracy, and for that reason is likely to withhold the key role played by Baghdad as well. The al Qaeda detainees in Europe also laid bare the Albanian mafia’s role in providing weapons, forged travel documents and passports, transport and hideouts for terrorists before and after their hits. The Albanian underworld, based in Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo, is well placed for this operation, having spread its tentacles across the European continent. [more]