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February 14, 2003

Marching for Terror

Mark Steyn's latest essay, addressed directly to the anti-war crowd, is fantastic. You should read the whole thing and then forward it to all your friends. Steyn saves a key section to explain how war protests only hurt the Palestinians:
But perhaps, as is the case with many marchers, your priority isn't the Iraqi people living in bondage under an Iraqi dictator, but the Palestinian people living in bondage under a Zionist dictator: fine, whatever, you're entitled to your point of view. But you ought to know that, as long as Saddam sits in Baghdad, there will never be a Palestinian state. Never. Chance of the "Palestinian Authority" becoming a fully fledged People's Republic: zero.

Saddam serves as principal sugar daddy to the relicts of suicide bombers and neither Israel nor America is going to agree to a Palestinian state where the prime business opportunity is strapping on the old explosives belt and telling Baghdad where to mail the cheque. We're talking cold political reality here: keeping Saddam in power may stymie the crazy Texans, but also those downtrodden Palestinians. If you're serious about them, you might want to think that one through.
...although, with this in mind, those who are against a Palestinian state might want to join ranks with the protestors.

Nah, that'd just be nutty.