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February 05, 2003

A Letter to Mrs. LeJeune

This exchange of letters from Gabrielle Goldwater to and from the EU concerning the money sent the PLO and siphoned off for terror activities is a bit difficult to follow. The gist of it is that the lady sent the letter denies repeatedly that the allegations are true ,but now the writer, Ms. Goldwater, notes that a growing list of members of the group responsible for money transfers have petitioned for a full investigation based on information sent by Israel.

Brussels, 30 January 2003,

More than a quarter of the European Deputies asks for a parliamentary board of inquiry concerning the use of the European funds by the Palestinian Authority.

170 Signatures:

Tuesday, February 4th at the European Parliament in Brussels, after a press conference at 11h00, Ilka Schroeder, Francois Zimeray, Willy De Clercq and other deputies of all parties and nationalities will deposit a resolution signed by more than 170 deputies, at the Presidency of the European Parliament, asking for the installation of a board of inquiry, concerning the European Union's financing of the Palestinian Authority.

For several months now, the allegations of corruption within the Palestinian Authority have been precisely established.
Proof had been documented, that pedagogic teachings, that are financed by the European Union, were in fact dispensing a pedagogy of hate and the encouragement of martyrdom.

The use of part of the budget of the Palestinian Authority for the reward of the families of suicides attacks was an element determining to urge the members of Parliament to engage themselves in joining this step.

The purpose of the parliamentary board of inquiry is to check the exactitude of this information and to draw their conclusions.

For "a European Marshall Plan" in the Palestinian territories:

"We are not hostile in the principle of the financing of Palestinians by the European Union, on the contrary" Francois Zimeray declares.

"I would be even ready to increase the European support massively", provided that this help really goes to the population, that it is directed in the direction of the development, education and the bringing together between the people. This is not the case.

With the contempt of its own values, Europe for too long time closed their eyes on corruption, the diversion of the educational assistance, ending for propaganda as well as terrorism.

The blind indulgence of the European Union is directly responsible for the death of civilians in the two camps; it infanticides the Palestinian Authority, radicalized the positions and explodes the camp of the peace on the two sides.