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February 22, 2003


There is nothing new in this article, but we are beginning increasingly to get remarks of this kind from those opposed to a war with Iraq when they try to explain why the Bush administration is doing what it does.
February 22, 2003 -- A city councilman found himself in a firestorm yesterday by suggesting an anti-war resolution hasn't been passed by the council because many Jews feel it's "not in the best interests" of Israel.
Councilman Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan) made the comment during an interview Thursday on Brian Lehrer's popular WNYC radio show.

"New York City is the home away from home for most Jews," Jackson responded when Lehrer asked why the council was lagging behind municipalities around the country in opposing a war against Iraq.

"And this is seen by many members of the Jewish community as a resolution that will go against Bush and, in the long run, will not be in the best interests of the state of Israel."

Lehrer announced on the air that irate Jewish listeners were lighting up his phone lines minutes after those remarks were uttered. [more]