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February 27, 2003

Its not over 'til its over

Women in Green says "No" to a Palestinian state

Ruth Matar, who heads Women in Green in a radio address recently had this to say,
Today we are reaping the bitter harvest of the handiwork of the Israeli Left.

In 1993, Shimon Peres and the rest of the Oslo Architects worked ceaselessly, illegally, and above all, secretly, to engineer an agreement with our enemies, who have long vowed to destroy us.

On August 20, 1993, Shimon Peres and his cohorts met in Oslo with a group of Palestinians and Norwegians in absolute secrecy and signed these cursed "Oslo Accords".

It is most educational to study this enormous betrayal in Shimon Peres' own words in his book "The New Middle East", published in the year 1993.

Page 1: "Here was a small group of Israelis, Palestinians, and Norwegians-partners to one of the best guarded diplomatic secrets ever, a secret whose imminent revelation would mark a watershed in the history of the Middle East."

But wait a minute. This was not a secret from everybody, only from the People of Israel!

Page 22: "President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Foreign Minister Ahmru Mussah, and Advisor Osmah el Baaz were privy to the fact that secret talks were underway."

What was the reason for all this secrecy? Peres later revealed that the Israeli People would not have agreed to his plans. As Peres boasted in the Jerusalem Post International Edition of December 23, 1995: "I may not know what the people want; I do know what is good for the people."

It is also painful to learn from Peres' book with what incredible generosity Peres gave our country away, piece by piece.

Page 22: "I assumed if we proposed 'Gaza first', the Palestinians would suspect we were offering 'Gaza only'. Without a clear sign for continued negotiations regarding the West Bank, the Palestinians could not agree. In other words, the chance of getting 'Gaza first' depended on that it be 'Gaza plus'."

Obviously, Peres felt that he had to sweeten the pie, and promise the Arabs future give-a-ways, in order to make them accept 'Gaza first'.

Shimon Peres, and the rest of the post-Zionist Oslo Architects, have done the Jewish People incredible harm. Over a thousand people have been murdered by Arab terrorists since the inception of the Oslo Accords. Many
thousand have been maimed for life. Our holy sites are attacked and destroyed.

Some examples:

* The Seventh Century Shalom al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho has been burned to the ground, and its magnificent mosaic floor destroyed.

* Our Temple Mount is off limits to both Jews and Christians. It is continually vandalized by the Arabs in order to destroy any evidence whatsoever of Jewish history. The Sharon government cooperates with the Arab Wakf by denying Jews and Christians in order to "prevent violence". Who says terror doesn't pay?

* Mother Rachel's Tomb, located on the road to Bethlehem from Jerusalem, is continually under attack.

* Hostile Arabs attacked Joseph's Tomb in October of the years 2000 and destroyed the dome covering the grave. They burned the Sefer Torahs and the Jewish holy books housed within. During the last two weeks of the standoff between the Arabs and the Israeli Defense Forces, the Arabs completed the job and used hammers to turn the large stone marking Joseph's grave into a pile of rubble.

By the way, the right for the final resting place of our forefather Joseph is clearly spelled out in the Bible (Joshua 24:32):

"Joseph's bones, which the children of Israel had brought up from Egypt, they buried in Shechem, in the portion of the field that Jacob acquired from the children of Hamor, the father of Shechem, for a hundred kesitahs; and it became a heritage for the children of Joseph."

Similarly, the Bible relates that Abraham bought his wife Sarah's grave plot, which is the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and King David paid for the area of the Temple Mount. Our sages say that the importance of these purchases is that no one should be able to say that the Jews stole this land.

The Arabs are well aware that our rights to this land are incontrovertible, and that these rights are both religious and historic. That is why they feel compelled to try to destroy any physical evidence of Jewish history in the Holy Land.

Despite al this, Ariel Sharon, who had strongly opposed Oslo from its inception, and had described Peres, its architect, as the man "who has given Israel away" is still anxious to have Peres and the Labor Party in his coalition, even though they were so completely rejected by the electorate. Why?

The common belief is that Sharon is waiting for the current Labor leader Mitzna to be dethroned, so that he can bring Peres and the Labor Party back into his government. That way he won't have to rely on the National Religious Party and the National Union Party for his Knesset majority, since these parties are against a Palestinian state. With Peres he would have a willing partner for the creation of such a state.

Is the Israeli electorate which voted so overwhelmingly for Zionist and religious parties, being betrayed? The intention may be there, but as the saying goes: Man proposes, but G-d disposes! With G-d's help, and hard work on our part, we may be able to avert this evil decree.

We have two guest speakers on our Women in Green Program. Morton Klein is President of the Zionist Organization of America. He has recently released a national United States public opinion poll which is most encouraging: 71% of Americans oppose creating a Palestinian Arab State.

Jodie Anderson is President of the Christian Zionist organization Deborah's Battalion. She is diligently working to unite Christians worldwide to save Jerusalem and its holy sites.

(A recording of this entire program, including the interviews, is available on Click on "On Demand Audio" on the blue bar.)

All of us-and I mean both Christians and Jews-have been silent far too long as our Biblical heritage is sold out in exchange for a phantom peace.

The Holy Land-all of it-must remain under Israel's sovereignty in order that all holy sites be protected from destruction by fanatic Islam.

The Holy Land must also remain under Israel's sovereignty to ensure the physical safety of all visitors.

The Western World (re the Quartet) must no longer dictate to Israel and be the judge of her future. Political bargains with the enemy must not be allowed to endanger Israel.

Finally, the Holy Land must remain under Israeli sovereignty because, in the world of Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, G-d said so!

This is the big one! Right now join the effort of Jews and Christians united in the endeavor to save the Holy Land from Islamic takeover and destruction.

Write President George W. Bush and point out to him that 71% of Americans are against a Palestinian state and that 77% of Americans say that the United States should stop giving the Palestinian Arabs $150 million in aid each year.

Fax: 202-456-2461
Address: just write: President
President George W. Bush, White House, Washington DC, USA

Also write Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and express that his own people and his own party, the Likud, are against a Palestinian state.

Fax: 02-566-4838
Address: Prime Minister Sharon
Jerusalem, Israel

Finally: Anybody who possibly can should join the day of lobbying Congress
on March 26, 2003. Please call the Christian Coalition for more
information. The number is 888-440-2262.

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