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February 04, 2003

Italian-Egyptian teen's novel translated

Soon to be released in Egypt, the country that has just shown Protocols of Zion, govt. approved. This "precocious" 16-year-od Egyptian-Italian, Beatles-like, says all you need is love. And after all it is only the Israeli Government that is bad. She should learn that in a democracy the government represents the people.
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - A 16-year-old Egyptian-Italian writer has come to her parents' homeland to launch the Arabic edition of her first novel, a precocious story of love, violence and politics that has sparked criticism it incites hatred toward Jews.

Major European publishers have translated Randa Ghazy's "Dreaming of Palestine" into French, German and Norwegian since the novel was released in the original Italian in April 2002.

On Tuesday it was to be released in Egypt, which has come under heavy criticism from American and Jewish organizations and the Israeli government for publications and programs seen as anti-Semitic. In December, President Hosni Mubarak's political adviser criticized Arab writers for attacking Israel, saying many use the same "racist" allegations resorted to by the Nazis to discriminate against Jews.

"They say I encourage martyrs, and violence, that I hate Jewish people. Of course not," Ghazy told The Associated Press on Sunday. "I am against the Israeli government. Those who say that (the book is anti-Semitic) are afraid the book will reach many people and make them say that the Israeli government is wrong."

Ghazy, interviewed while visiting her parents' hometown, the Mediterranean port of Alexandria where she often spends summers, said her book shows "how hate can make people (go) wrong. The first step (to end) this war is to make the two people love each other."

"Dreaming of Palestine" traces the lives of seven Palestinian friends who live together through the 1990s and into the latest Palestinian intefadeh, or uprising. [more]