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February 01, 2003


This communique is not new but has just been released about Arafat
JERUSALEM - Yasser Arafat asked, "Why haven't you killed more Israelis?" and said, "You know what needs to be done," in a meeting with Palestinian terrorist chiefs, it was revealed last night.
Defense ministry sources told The Post that Arafat called for stepping up attacks on Israelis during the meeting in February 2001, according to transcripts that Israeli officials say they have obtained.

While Israelis have long suspected Arafat of involvement in attacks, this is among the most powerful evidence to date showing that he has personally incited more terror killings.

According to the transcript, Arafat asked the terror group leaders why so few Israelis had been killed six months after the start of the intifada.

"Why haven't you killed more Israelis?" he asked.

The transcript, revealed this week to foreign diplomats, said one of the commanders asked what Arafat wanted done, sources said.

"You know what needs to be done," Arafat replied.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the diplomats that the information about Arafat had been withheld until now because revealing it would have endangered confidential sources. [more]