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February 16, 2003

Israelis: Europe in Denial

So says this article in the New York Post

February 16, 2003 -- DO the French and German governments really believe the United States is so wrong about Saddam Hussein?

That's the question Israeli intelligence experts debated - knowing as they did that their powerful counterparts in France and Germany have the same frightening facts about Iraq's arsenal as the CIA and the Mossad.

The answer they arrived at is that the German and French governments are ignoring their secret files for political and economic reasons.

There are 20 million Muslims in Western Europe - including 6 million in France, or 10 percent of the population - and there is great fear that if Europe allies itself with the United States, it will be subject to suicide attacks.

There is also concern in Paris about oil: France believes it will have the priority status in the rich oil business with Iraq once the Saddam crisis is over.

Therefore, Israeli intelligence isn't surprised at the way the French and Germans closed their eyes to Colin Powell's disclosure's last week.

In their spy-world jargon, Powell's revelations were just "soft porn" - a teasing look at the evidence the CIA has amassed.

The best evidence against Saddam's arsenal was not disclosed - because it will be used to destroy his weapons of mass destruction, if and when war comes.