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February 18, 2003

Israeli Forces Raid Islamic Jihad Gaza Stronghold

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GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers engaged in fierce firefights with Palestinian gunmen during a raid into a stronghold of the militant Islamic Jihad group east of Gaza City Tuesday, Palestinian witnesses and security sources said.

Palestinian gunmen fired at Israeli tanks which rumbled several hundred meters into the Shajaiyeh neighborhood late on Tuesday evening. Helicopter gunships fired several missiles at a target nearby but it was not immediately clear what was hit.

The raid followed a stepped-up offensive by the Israeli army against Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip after four soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack carried out by the militant Hamas group Saturday.

Since the bombing, Israeli forces have killed a senior Hamas militant and destroyed the house of another Hamas member it says masterminded Saturday's attack in the northern Gaza Strip. Hamas has also blamed Israeli security forces for the killing of six militants in a mysterious explosion Sunday.[more]