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February 09, 2003

An Israeli embassy in Baghdad?

Michael Freund has got it just right
Similarly, the upcoming war in Iraq will present America with a unique opportunity to "tear the guts" out of the forces of anti-Western and anti-Israel rejectionism, by toppling a dangerous tyrant who has sponsored terrorism and sought to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

To build on that success, it will be necessary for America to ensure that Saddam's defeat signifies not just the end of his regime, but the downfall of everything that he represents.

The surest way to do so, of course, is to make certain that his successor heads a democratically-elected, pro-Western government, one that would anchor Iraq squarely in America's camp. But that alone would be insufficient. It is also crucial that the new administration in Baghdad sign a peace treaty with Israel, thereby setting an example for other Arab states to follow.