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February 28, 2003

Israeli Elections Update

The Israeli Knesset (parliament) approved the 30th Government of the State of Israel by a vote of 68-48 in a plenum session held on Thursday night. The 68-member government coalition is comprised of the Likud, Shinui, the National Religious Party and National Union. Nineteen of the 23 ministers in the Government were sworn in*.

Address to the
Knesset by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presenting the new

List of Ministers in Israel's 30th Government

Ariel Sharon - Prime Minister (also holds the Communications, Housing and Construction, Labor
and Social Affairs, and Religious Affairs portfolios)

Yosef Lapid - Minister of Justice, and Deputy Prime Minister
Ehud Olmert - Minister of Industry and Trade, and Deputy Prime Minister
Silvan Shalom - Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister

Benyamin Elon - Minister of Tourism
Tzachi Hanegbi - Minister of Public Security
Yisrael Katz - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Avigdor Lieberman - Minister of Transportation
Limor Livnat - Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
Tzipi Livni - Minister of Immigrant Absorption
Shaul Mofaz - Minister of Defense
Yehudit Naot - Minister of the Environment
Dan Naveh - Minister of Health
Benjamin Netanyahu - Minister of Finance
Joseph Paritzky - Minister of National Infrastructures
Avraham Poraz - Minister of the Interior
Eliezer Sandberg - Minister of Science and Technology
Gideon Ezra - Minister without Portfolio
Uzi Landau - Minister without Portfolio
Natan Sharansky - Minister without Portfolio
Meir Sheetrit - Minister without Portfolio

Click here for a list of all Members of Knesset elected during the January 28 election.

(*): NRP MKs Efraim Eitam and Zevulun Orlev are expected to be appointed respectively Minister of Housing and Construction and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, pending
party approval.
Natan Sharansky will be sworn in on Monday after the merger between the Likud and Yisrael Ba'Aliya goes into effect.
Dan Meridor will also be sworn in on Monday as Minister without Portfolio, after the Knesset approved Sharon's request to expand the number of ministers in the government.