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February 07, 2003

Israel Envoy: Expelling Palestinians Not an Option

Reuters article.
AMMAN, Jordan (Reuters) - Israel's ambassador to Amman said Wednesday the idea of expelling Palestinians en masse from the occupied territories to Jordan was morally repellent and contrary to his country's interests.

Jordanian leaders have in the past voiced fears that Israel might take advantage of a U.S.-led war on Iraq to "transfer" large numbers of Palestinians from the West Bank to Jordan.

"It can't happen," Israeli Ambassador David Dadonn told Reuters in an interview. "I can't imagine any Israeli government ordering the transfer of population."

Besides this, he said, the international community would not tolerate any such action.

"At the bottom of their hearts, I believe the Jordanians understand that," Dadonn said.

Some Israeli right-wingers have publicly flirted with the idea that Palestinians from the West Bank could find a home in Jordan. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has in the past declared that "Jordan is Palestine," but not while prime minister. [more]