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February 07, 2003

Israel braces for Iraqi "earthquake", fears more Palestinian attacks

Article from MiddleEastTimes reports expectations of increased terror activities against Israel
Israel was bracing for what its army chief predicted Friday will be an "earthquake" in the region if the United States attacks Iraq, amid fears of more Palestinian attacks inside Israel.

As the US administration was banging the drums of war louder by the day, General Moshe Yaalon warned that a US offensive on Iraq would drastically reshape the region whatever the outcome.

"In the coming weeks, a US attack in Iraq will trigger a regional earthquake, which will reshape" the Middle East, Yaalon said in an interview with the top-selling Yediot Aharonot daily published Friday.

"A successful US offensive will have positive consequences, by strengthening the pragmatic elements in the region," he explained.

"However, if it is perceived as a failure, it will have negative consequences for us," Yaalon said in reference to Israel's conflict with the Palestinians. [more]