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February 11, 2003

Is All This Good Or Bad For Jews?

In light of the recent crisis between the US and the Old Europe over Iraq, my friend Nelson asks himself the same question Jews everywhere for thousands of years have been asking themselves. In the most immediate future the answer is most obviously “yes”: a rift between the backers of the “Road Map” is good news. On the other hand, I can without much difficulty imagine a situation where the State Dept. may promise ze French and ze Germans support for ze Map, in exchange for more flexibility on Iraq. What do I know?

Unfortunately, we live in a cynical world. Moreover, cynicism aside, people and countries are looking out for their own interests, which is the way it should be. My husband was very impressed with the support Bush has showed for Israel, and said that he will be voting Republican from now on. I don’t know. I don’t remember that much support before 9/11. And I still remember Bush’s father, who I think is a good man, but who was looking out for his country’s interests at the time. And I also remember Clinton, who loved Israel so much, he nearly loved us to death. I am also likely to vote Republican in the foreseeable future, but that is mostly because there is no decent alternative at this time.