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February 03, 2003

IMRA: Support for intifada nears breaking point due economy?]

A useful poll carried out by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion
-71.5% Evaluate the general economical conditions in the
Palestinian territories as bad.
-60.0% Worried to varying degrees for their means of
-63.1% Pessimistic about the future.
-67.1% Believe that the PA is incapable of creating job
Opportunities for the Palestinians workers in Israel.
-40.6% Believe that the Intifada is still going on and heading
towards achieving its goals.

Majd Kokaly-Information Department:

A poll recently conducted by the PCPO and prepared by Dr.Nabil Kukali
included a random sample of 1101 adults, 18 years and older, from the West
Bank including East Jerusalem.
The Poll reveals that 71.5% of Palestinians evaluate the general economical
condition in the Palestinian Territories as bad, while 21.4% evaluate it
fair, 4.0% good, and 3.1% express no opinion.

President of the PCPO, Dr. Nabil Kukali, stated that the poll took place
January 22-30,2003 and the average age of the respondents was 32.2 years,
and the margin of error was +/-2.95 percent points.

Kukali also stated that the percentage of female respondents was 46.6%,
while that of the male ones was 53.4%. He also explained that the respondent
's location of residence was as follows: 48.3% city, 43.4% village, and 8.3%
refugee camp. He pointed out to the average size of respondents' families
that was 7.3 persons, and the average number of schooling years was 11.7

Dr. Kukali said the results of the poll were as follows:

1. Do you evaluate the general economical situation in the Palestinian
territories as?
20 Nov 2002 3 Feb 2003
1. Good 9.2% 4.0%
2. Fair 24.7% 21.4%
3. Bad 60.8% 71.5%
4. Do not Know 5.3% 3.1%

2. To what degree are you concerned for your means of subsistence?
20 Nov 2002 3 Feb 2003
1. Highly concerned 20.7% 23.9%
2. Concerned 29.8% 36.1%
3. Not that concerned 19.8% 21.0%
4. Absolutely unconcerned 19.1% 10.8% [more]