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February 02, 2003

Ilan Ramon

Like many others, I've received a large number of e-mail messages concerning yesterday's tragedy. Elizabeth Coote ( sent me the following e-mail, which I am reproducing below (with permission) because of its eloquence in brevity; Elizabeth captured all one can say, from sorrow to hope, in a few lines.
Dear Joseph:

I am so sorry about the tragedy that occurred today over Texas and the loss of Ilan Ramon of Israel in the disaster. My heart goes out to Israel and her friends in their loss today. It should have been a day of rejoicing.

Nevertheless, Israel can still be very proud of Ilan's accomplishments as Israel's first man in space and in his bravery in what is still a very dangerous endeavour.

Ilan Ramon and his colleagues on Columbia now join Gus Grissom and Christa MacAuliffe as legends of the space program. Their stars will always shine in the heavens and their legend will remain long after we are gone.

The peace that passeth all understanding be with you and with your loved ones and the readers of Israpundit. The Lord be with you.

Elizabeth Coote
Toronto, Canada