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February 12, 2003

Humour that unfortunately is true

In the late 1970s President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin decided to shuck their multiple layers of security guards and take a walk together through the lush woodlands around Camp David. As the three were walking together through the forest they heard the Voice of the Lord Himself booming down upon them. They fell instantly to their knees. The Heavenly Voice from above said, "Arise, my sons. You need not be on your knees. You are doing my work. You are making peace. "In reward for your efforts, you may have the answer to any one question that may reside in your hearts."

President Jimmy Carter went first.
"Dear God," he asked, "when will we have a nuclear-free world?"

"In the year 2048," God replied.
And President Carter began to cry.
"Why do you cry?" asked God.

"Not in my administration," sobbed President Carter.

Then it was Sadat's turn.
"Dear God," asked the Egyptian president, "when will my Arab brothers finally be united?"

"In the year 4004," God replied.
And then Sadat began to cry.

"Why do you cry?" asked God.
"Not in my administration," wailed Sadat.

Then it was Prime Minister Menachem Begin's turn.
"Dear God," he asked. "When will Israel finally begin to get fair treatment in the world media?"

And then God began to cry.

"Dear God, why do You cry?" asked all three of them.

And in one heartful cry the Lord replied, "NOT IN MY ADMINISTRATION!"