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February 25, 2003

Hopefully the UN will Oppose Disarming iraq

For a very long time many conservatives have pointed out the extreme flaws of the UN. From its blatant anti-Israel stances, its massive foul-ups in Rwanada and Kosovo, that led to millions of deaths, and now with its lack of resolve to enforce itself after 12 years and 14 resolutions in the disarmanent of iraq.

Conservatives have called for the US to remove itself from the UN and thus delegitimize it. There is an old saying; "get New York out of the UN and get the UN out of New York!" Hopefully, the UN will not support disarming iraq and the US will do it thus making the UN officially obsolete, finally.

U.S. Officials Say U.N. Future At Stake in Vote

"As it launches an all-out lobbying campaign to gain United Nations approval, the Bush administration has begun to characterize the decision facing the Security Council not as whether there will be war against Iraq, but whether council members are willing to irrevocably destroy the world body's legitimacy by failing to follow the U.S. lead, senior U.S. and diplomatic sources said."