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February 18, 2003

Harvey reporting from Israel, what the press again leaves out

Goldwater's Mideast Reality reports this, which seems to have slipped under the media wire.
While the world is focused on Iraq, the soon to be formed Sharon government here is up to behind the scene peace talks and dreams again

1. Unlike last year when Arik Sharon did not allow PLO terrorists to leave Israel to go to London for PLO -Israel talks of 'reforms' within the PLO, the two groups of PLO terrorists and Israeli governmental representatives left today for London talks which will be joined by Undersecretary of State of the US, William Burns,

2. Unlike last year when Arik Sharon did not allow PLO terrorists to negotiate with him 'under fire' of terror, even as we still observe shiva for the last 4 IDF soldiers killed by terror on Shabbat, Sharon has been meeting with two top PLO terrorists, Abu and Fayed, in his Rechavia home,

3. Unlike last time when Arik Sharon only had 19 seats of the Likud party and was voted in by the people of Israel in 2001 and we got Peres again, this time, Arik Sharon has 40 seats(including Sharansky and his Volvo gift), and we may get Mitzna and Peres in 2003!

4. Unlike last year when Arik Sharon did not allow the PLO terrorist council and 'parliament' to meet in terrorist cities in Israel and banned some of the terrorists from free travel to and from the terrorist cities here, Arik Sharon has agreed to let all the terrorists meet together to approve their choice for a new prime minister as 'appointed'? by Arafat.

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