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February 16, 2003

Hamas doesn't want to reward Sharon

Article in Haaretz an indication of the divisions within Palestinian visions on dealing with Israel and perhaps is useful in light of recent posting showing that Hamas wants to takeover and replace Arafat

Egypt is expected to invite representatives of the various Palestinian factions to renew their talks on February 26 in Cairo.

The talks are aimed in part at reaching agreement over a joint framework for conducting the struggle against Israel, including the possibility of a moratorium on attacks inside Israel.

The Arab-language Al-Ayyam daily reported Sunday that the of the meeting was pushed back by two days, because of the emergency Arab League summit scheduled for February 24 in Sharm el-Shiekh.

Palestinian sources told the newspaper that since the last round of talks, which ended in January without agreement, Egyptian officials have been in constant contact with the Palestinian factions, including Marwan Barghouti.

Hamas blamed Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction for the failure of the Cairo talks. Though Hamas officials did not cite Fatah explicitly, Mohammed Nazel, a member of the organization's political bureau, was clearly referring to Fatah when he charged that "other Palestinian players are responsible for the failure of the talks, due to their insistence on imposing their opinions on all the Palestinian factions."